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Vérins hydrauliques
D&D Ricambi Srl: leader sur la fourniture de composants et systèmes hydrauliques
composants hydrauliques pour engins de construction, de terrassement, agricoles et industrielles
Range, power, versatility
With the ability to implement solutions able to satisfy the most diverse requirements score, HS PENTA is now a partner competent and reliable for more fitters of commercial vehicles in Europe and world. The HS PENTA quality and reliability is also show in the range of the underbody cylinders, designed to ensure that every bodybuilder the most effective solution to each construction requirements, in terms of compactness, stroke and capacity. Thanks to the great diversity of models, up to 6500 millimeters in total stroke and 200 bar pressure, the underbody are in fact usable for different needs, both on drive and trailers, for folding rear turret. Moreover, the range of the underbody cylinders provides the solution under high pressure, applicable to all models, to offer the possibility of using working pressures up to 300 bar, containing weight and bulk of the cylinders and their accessories (oil, tank, valve, pump).

Quality in every detail
The scrupulous attention to compliance manufacturing tolerances and the use of precious material guides (Delrin) provide a reduced scrolling game, which is translates into extremely rigid cylinders, ready to support the tipper in all working conditions.
The use of seals and scrapers in polyurethane and the high surface finish of the telescopic elements guarantee , in normal working conditions, the absence of leakage of oil during the lifetime of cylinder. The double lip wipers prevent the entry of foreign bodies inside the cylinder, extending the life of the cylinder itself.

It is important to note that each telescopic element cylinder HS PENTA is obtained from a single semi-finished product (hot-rolled tube, without welding). The zones of abutment of the elements, which are highly stressed to each opening of the cylinder, billet by machining. The spheres of terminal elements are hardened by quenching induction. The oil inlet hose swivel facilitates the connection of the pipe power and avoid twisting the tube during the rotation of the cylinder.

Wide adaptability
The cylinders "Heavy & Medium Duty" may be combined with accessories such as rocker and support frame (welded and fixed), stroke end valves both hydraulic and pneumatic, patented safety valves (CBS) in the case of explosion of the feed tube.

Optional treatments
The protective treatments available on request are: chrome stems, phosphate, galvanizing or special shirt and hat painting.


 Vérins hydrauliques
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  Vérins hydrauliques
  Vérins hydrauliques






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